Tournaments and Leagues

F.C. Portland Academy continues a rich tradition of hosting our own tournaments and leagues, which allow over 10,000 players from our club and other clubs around the nation to compete against each other. Whether it is 11aside, small sided, or on the beach, the club continues to provide an avenue for players to play the beautiful game. Below is information on each of our tournaments!

F.C. Portland Winter College Showcase (January 12-15, 2018)- The Winter College Showcase was created as a way for the best players in the Northwest region, surrounding states, and Canada to showcase their talents in front of college coaches. The Winter College Showcase is the premier college showcase event in the Northwest in the winter. We had 120+ college coaches to be in attendance in 2016, along with 150+ of the top teams in the Northwest and surrounding areas. 

F.C. Portland Junior Spring League (March 4-April 29, 2018)- The Junior Spring League was created over ten years ago to provide an opportunity for developing players to compete against each other. With age-specific fields, goals, and rules, our league makes sure that we are doing everything we can to help the development of players at such a young age. The atmosphere at our fields during game days is incredible; with anywhere between 9-12 games going on at the same time, at the same complex. Our customer service to the teams that participate in our league is unlike any other league as there is always a person on hand to answer questions or solve any type of issues. We are very excited to be able to continue this wonderful tradition again in 2018 and hope that you will join us!

Soccer in the Sand (June 17-18, 2017)- A two day small sided 5v5 soccer tournament played in the beautiful sand in Seaside. Games are played with goalkeepers, creating lots of shots and GOALS! The entire family is encouraged to come and enjoy the games and the beach. This is one soccer tournament you won’t have to drag the siblings to.

Portland Cup (July 28- July 30, 2017)- The Portland Cup was one of the first premier level soccer tournaments in the Pacific Northwest when it was launched in 1999. The Cup provided the Portland area an amazing summer tournament for many years, and this years tournament will look to revive and continue the legacy of the past tournaments. This tournament will focus primarily on the younger players as it will be for only U6-U14 teams.

U10 Youth Academy Cup (November 5th, 12th, and 19th, 2017)- The Youth Academy Cup was formed to provide Youth Academy teams (U10 and U9) to participate in an end of the fall tournament. 

Questions regarding any of our tournaments? Contact our tournament director; Facundo Dipascuale (