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What is a Game Model? 

At FC Portland Academy, we believe in the process of Developing all players within our Club. We believe in maintaining standards and having a process for how we do things on the practice field. A Club Game Model is a pathway of steps in sequence to guide development over a period of time.  In sports and in youth soccer, the focus should be player development, and planning for training in all stages of the player’s growth.  We believe it is a framework for accountability and aligning training, games and programs, and also an expression of a philosophy and style of play for an organization. 

In other words, it is a road map developing youth soccer players for today, tomorrow, next month, next year and many years from now.

Is it important? YES!!!! 

Without a Game Model, Clubs, Coaches and Players will have no systems or strategies, the game will be defined by many random plays. For a Game Model to fulfill its mission, it must enhance the team’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses.

Do other Clubs Game Models? Maybe, ask your current Club...

Our Club Game Model is built up from the ‘four moments of the game. Each moment of the game contains principles, sub-principles and sub-sub principles that “dictate how this philosophy is accomplished in each moment of the game. (Attack, Defensive transition, Defence, and Attacking transition). 

At FC Portland Academy, we also refer to our Game Model as a "Club Blueprint" and we have 3 versions.
1. A Coaches Blueprint. This is a more in depth tactical Blueprint for Coaches to better understand the Clubs style of play and methodology. It also includes multiple practices sessions that a created in line with our style of play.
2. A Player specific Blueprint. This Blueprint covers topics such as systems of play and player specific roles within a team example: roles and duties of a #6
3. A Parent Blueprint. This Blueprint is a condensed version of the 2 Blueprints above. It gives parents a clear understanding of what FC Portland's style of play is, our methodology and what our development pathway looks like.

What else is in our Game Model / Club Blueprint??
 - DNA of an FC Portland Coach
 - DNA of an FC Portland Player
 - Long term development plan
 - Systems of play and formations: 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11
 - Player Actions
 - Phases of the game
 - Principles of play
And much more......

Below are some examples of what is in our Club Blueprint:

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